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Bigger and Better




St. Andrew’s International school operates in 4 different location in Thailand. Each school differs from another. Each school has a unique location, personality, range of facilities and range of ages of students. However, they are bound by a common name.


Our challenge was to create a fresh, flexible branding and design system to unify the schools marketing. The design system allowed for each school to express its unique personality and unique selling points through copy and photography while remaining true to the overarching brand ‘signature’. We then applied this new graphic system to all media – both traditional and digital.


Building on the success of the new design system, we were then tasked to create a new advertising campaign for one of the locations facing the greatest challenges, which lead us to redesign the schools’ identity and create a complete ad campaign representing all age groups, from pre-school to graduation, each of which reflected a relevant USP while repeating the headline system.