Simply Business

5 years on, the Simply Business brand grows from strength to strength.
SME Insurance, Simply Business, Positioning, Brand Naming, Brand Identity, Website design.

Highly functional brands need highly functional websites. Of course, the look and feel of the site must belong to the brand, its use of imagery should communicate usage and benefits, but the fundamental use of the site, and the mode in which the site is used, is paramount. For Simply Business we created a highly user intuitive site that allows owners of small businesses to purchase business insurance or discover the benefits of business finance faster and more easily than anywhere else.

Highly complex in coding and in dynamic content, yet incredibly easy for the end user to get what they want when they want it. Simply Business has created a new benchmark in providing businesses with financial and insurance services on-line.

Content Rich to demystify product complexity

Online quotation systems

Segmented messaging for specialised markets

Dedicated areas for sales messaging

Online quotation and comparison systems