(Natural) Search Engine Optimisation

In order for you to appear before your competitors in the search results your site needs to be optimised to rank as highly as possible.

To achieve this we account for a number of key factors including page titles, meta data, page copy structure, information architecture, links, etc

We help define relevant words your target market would use to search (key words and strings of words, and then we build the site to account for the algorithms used by the search engines as they 'spider' your site to create a score index and your ranking.

Which means that your website - and the specific service or product pages contained in the site - rank as highly as possible. Better still, these methods mean that your visibility is based on natural search, so you are not dependent on paying search engines for good results through Pay Per Click (PPC).

With these systems in place, you can change, add or adapt your strategy according to your marketing needs with a website that offers flexibility and longevity